The bathroom

Updated: May 3, 2021

Maybe if I stay in this lavatory cubicle until the restaurant closes, the man from my worst blind date will have gone to work and I can go home in peace ... I still can't believe that people love me. ask why I prefer to remain single ...

-Maybe I will, but I don't see it as possible. -A man answers me from outside the cubicle where I am.

-Sir I think he is confused or lost, this is the women's bathroom. -I tell you, although now that I think about it I'm not very sure, I'm so confused that the only thing missing from my shame is that instead of taking refuge in that of women, I have done it in that of men.

- Indeed we are in the ladies' room and I am neither confused nor lost, I have come to save a damsel in distress, or at least that is what it seemed to me from the table where it was located. -He tells me in a funny tone.

- Damsel in distress? -I ask him intrigued.

- At the beginning of your date, when I saw you arrive at the table in the corner of the restaurant, I could notice your discomfort with your companion, so I deduced that it was the first time you went out with the lycanthrope. -The man tells me with a beautiful voice.

- Lycanthrope? -I ask him.

-It's that he has hairs all over his body, the unfortunate thing is that the only place where he doesn't have them is on his head, although I've been thinking about it a bit and I think he could comb his hair from his eyebrows. -Your comment about him makes me laugh and I must admit that I thought the same when I saw him arrive at my office to pick me up.

-Well at least now you're laughing ...- she tells me in a joking tone.

"You mean he saw me at the restaurant while he was on my blind date?"

- How could I have ignored you, in fact I think all the male staff in the place saw you arrive with Frodo. -He makes me laugh again.

- So bad. -I say with the intention of letting him know that I am paying attention to what he says.

- Bad me? I have to remind you that the werewolf reproached you for your love of reading and confirmed that he had NEVER finished a book, something that in itself seems atrocious to me, but that to make matters worse, INRI did it in a victorious tone, as if being ignorant was something to be proud of.

- The truth is that it was horrible, although I must admit that that was not the worst part.

-You mean that his anti-reading manifesto is not the reason why you are confined in the cubicle of the bathroom of a restaurant?

- Thank you for your detailed report of my situation.

- With pleasure, it is always good to make an assessment of the situation in which one is. But going back to your date, if not for his hatred of books, what is the reason for us to find ourselves talking through a door?

- Well the reason why you are here and we are talking through the security door of my cubicle I do not know, but I can tell you the reasons why I fled to this makeshift shelter.

- Please, I'm most intrigued.

"The truth is that although it seemed fatal to me the fact that she prided herself on not reading ..." My answer is interrupted by a lady who wants to use the bathroom.

- Sorry, it seems that I made the wrong bathroom. -The lady says something annoyed.

-No ma'am, she hasn't, but you see, my friend isn't feeling well, I think she didn't like her lunch, that's why I'm here waiting for her to feel better so that I can help her return home.

- I understand. -The lady responds politely.

- Excuse me, would you mind using the men's bathroom? -The knight tells him that he has come with his armor to rescue me; This last thought makes me smile.

- Not at all young, it is gratifying to see that there are still gallant and handsome men, ready to help a young woman in trouble. Let her get better miss. -The lady tells me, before going out and closing the door.

- Thanks. -I answer without knowing if she could hear my thanks.

- It is with the greatest of tastes, resuming our conversation were you going to tell me what was the reason why you were taking refuge in the cubicle of the restaurant, in the middle of lunchtime?

- Well the truth is that it is not a single thing, I thought that having chosen lunch time had saved me from a long appointment, that is, logic told me that, if things did not work as in fact they did not, I could say that they needed me as a priority at work and thus end the appointment.

- And why didn't you do it? -She asks me.

- I tried more than five times, but the truth is that the man besides being infallible to any kind of hint, has asked for starter, main course, dessert, coffee, he lacks the Pousse-coffee and I don't know what else he can ask for, but the appointment has been eternal, it has been as long and painful as when the wisdom teeth were removed.

- Cruel, yes gentlemen, very cruel. -The man says laughing.

- But no less true.

- Well, but I don't think eating too much is a sin, right?

- The crime is being a lousy talker and inventing a chemistry that doesn't exist !!! -I say desperate.

- Are you dsaying that Uncle Thing thinks he likes you?

-He told me that if he wanted to, I could go to a family dinner on Friday so that everyone in his house would know me.

- And what did you do?

- Hide in the bathroom. -I say something sorry.

- And do you plan to get out of there one day? Or better, before the restaurant closes? Because I remind you that you chose lunch time because you thought you would run away from your appointment, which means that there are at least 6 hours left for close the restaurant. -Your comment about him causes me anguish and returns me to my initial dilemma.

-Is it possible for you to get out of the cubicle?

- I am not really sure. -I tell him thinking about the security that my makeshift shelter offers me.

- I say it so that we can find a solution together. -The man with the pleasant voice tells me.

- Together? I tell him as I open the cubicle door.

- As Henry Ford would say Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

- I think better flight from my cubicle. -I tell him smiling and the lady fell short when she said he was handsome, he has green eyes, black hair, a nose shaped like a Greek sculpture, full lips and in terms of his body, I can see that his back is wide , like someone who must practice swimming or some sport; he is a businessman, I conclude it because he is wearing a tie, although he does not have his jacket on.

-I'm sorry, I can't stop being financial, not even in situations like him. she says with a smile. The moment is interrupted by the sound of my cell phone, it is a text message from the furry subject.

- The boyfriend?

- If you heard me when I said that I planned to stay in the cubicle until the restaurant closed, surely you could also hear when I said that I could not believe that people asked me why I prefer to remain single ...

- It's true, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

- For?

- Before answering your question, is the message from ...?

- The lord of the hairs. -I tell him as I read it and I smile with some indignation.

- Excuse me and what does the werewolf say to make you smile. -He tells me something jealous, or so I think, so I look at him with a raised eyebrow.

- Let's see I can't help but feel jealous of a man who makes you smile. -Your comment about him makes me blush.

- You read. -I tell him while I pass him the cell phone

... I think you are not feeling well and although I would love to wait for you to come out of the bathroom, they called me from work and I had to leave you, calm that I paid for lunch and left some money so you can take the bus back to work Send me your address to pick you up on Friday night, for dinner at my house and that way you meet my parents, they surely accept you as part of the family ... a hug ...

-Let me see if I understand, this man leaves you planted in a restaurant with the assurance that you are indisposed and he has the audacity to invite you to meet his family so that they evaluate and approve you as cattle.

- Did you see why I ran to the bathroom?

-In fact, the truth is that I apologize on behalf of all decent men on the planet and I think for the male race in general, for the horrible behavior of this ... well I don't know what kind of species he is.

- Thank you and do not think that I have not realized that you have answered my question.

- Which?

- The one about why isn't it too much to ask if I have a boyfriend?

-Because he must admit that the rescue was not for merely chivalrous purposes.

- You mean you had a double intention? - I ask him with a raised eyebrow.

-The truth is that he did it with a plan in mind.

- Would you mind sharing it?

- First invite you to dinner, do not worry about a restaurant with a nice, spacious bathroom, with those comfortable sofas where you can have a pleasant conversation. -He tells me with a half smile.

- It seems to me. -I tell him.

- After several appointments, I want to take you to meet my parents and if everything goes as I am sure it will, make you leave your single status, for very good company ...

After hearing him I can't help but smile, because the truth is that I want to meet his parents now.

Nickole Naihaus

Nickole Naihans


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